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一、About Us

Qingdao Harrens Inspection & Testing Inc., established in 2010, is an international independent, third-party, certification and testing service agency that runs according to GLP standards established by USFDA and OECD. Harrens’ registered capital is 28.92 million with a total assets exceeding 200 million.  Harrens was successfully listed on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations in March 2016 and the stock code is 836559. Our labs perform safety analysis and functional evaluation of foods, feeds, health products, cosmetics, medicines, traditional Chinese herbs, pesticides, veterinary drugs and biomedical products. We focus on providing services of standard development of food and agricultural products, inspection technology development, food safety risk analysis and nutrition evaluation. 

Currently, we have 6 standard labs, which located in Qingdao, Weifang, Hangzhou and San Francisco. All the domestic labs are accredited by CMA, CMAF, CNAS, CATL. Three of them are CFSA Applied Technology Collaboration Center labs. There are also planned labs in Chengdu, Nanjing, Shenzhen and Huhhot. 


Harrens headquartered in West Coast New District of Qingdao, and we own Qingdao Harrens-QAU Inspection Testing Co., LTD (Qingdao Key Lab of Modern Agricultural Quality and Safety Engineering), Weifang Harrens-HC Inspection Testing & Technology Co., LTD (Key Laboratory of Weifang City), Hangzhou Harrens-TH Inspection Testing & Technology Co., LTD, Qingdao Haihua Biomedicine Technology Co., LTD, and Harrens Lab Inc. in San Francisco. We provide high-end testing services according to GLP and accurate data.

二、Harrens Qualification 

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Our labs have 320 technicians, including 9 doctors and postdoctors, 50 masters. All the core technicians have passed the training of Joiont Institute of FDA and University of Maryland. R&D department keep developing new technology and new methods. Our think tank will ensure that we can keep developing food safety standard, food testing technology and research projects. 

Our Partners

Food Safety and Applied Nutrition Center of USFDA

Food Safety and Inspection Service Center of USDA

UC Davis

University of Minnesota

Analysis and Testing Center of Yangtze Delta Region Institute of Tsinghua University Zhejiang

China National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment (CFSA)

China Green Food Development Center


China Agricultural University

School of Food Science and Biotechnology, Zhejiang Gongshang University

Qingdao Agricultural University



We have won awards as Top Service Brand of Shandong Province and High And New Technology Enterprise of Qingdao. We have also won the financial support from innovation funds of Qingdao and Weifang many times. 


五、Our Branches

1、Qingdao Harrens- QAU Inspection Testing Co., LTD

Established in March 2011, with registered capital of 30 million, Harrens-QAU is Qingdao Key Lab of Modern Agricultural Quality and Safety Engineering. 

Located On the Qingdao Agricultural University campus, we have an independent food inspection laboratory that covers 1350 square meters. Harrens-QAU performs analysis and nutrition evaluation of agricultural products and food safety. We work closely with colleges and Research institutes like Qingdao Agricultural University. We specialize in food safety analysis and nutrition evaluation. You can rely on our ability of food safety standard development, food inspection development, and food safety risk assessment analysis. 

Harrens-QAU takes an active part in the supervision work of Shandong and Qingdao FDA, and we also provide local export enterprises inspection and risk analysis services. 


2、Weifang Harrens- HC Testing & Technology Co., LTD

With a total investment of 47 million, Harrens-HC is invested by Harrens and Weifang Walsun Biotechnology. Harrens-HC owns 2 labs, and covers 4300 square meters. One of the labs locates in High-tech Zone of Weifang, and the other is in Biomedical Technology Park. Harrens-HC can perform food safety inspection, medicine analysis, animal disease and epidemic testing and unknown compounds analysis, which can be applied to food safety, basic biology research, medicine research and development, gene and protein research, and environmental science.

Harrens-HC had built our own public technology service platform based on labs of Biomedical Technology Park. Harrens-HC is equipped with 200 leading large testing equipment, including TOF, FCM, SEM, NMR, ABI 310 Genetic Analyzer. We can provide technical support for company and colleges.

Weifang Harrens-HC Inspection Testing & Technology Co., LTD is the first organic food certification body in Shandong that provides food testing, certification services. Our services can ensure the quality and added value of the products. We also perform researches to promote organic agriculture and international collaboration. 

3、Hangzhou Harrens-TH Inspection Testing & Technology Co., LTD

Located in Hangzhou, Harrens-TH’s total investment is10 million. Harrens-TH provides safety analysis of food, health products and cosmetics, quality evaluation of electronic business products, research and development of quality inspection analysis and fast testing. Harrens-TH also collaborates with Food Safety Functional departments of Hangzhou and Alibaba Group, and offers relevant departments and electronic business services of technology development, technology service, consulting and lab testing technology.


4、Harrens Lab Inc.

Located in San Francisco, Harrens Lab Inc. is an independent, third-party, testing service agency that specializes in food safety analysis and function evaluation. Harrens Lab Inc. runs according to ISO17025 accredited by A2LA and GLP standards established by USFDA and OECD. Harrens lab performs safety analysis and functional evaluation of foods, feeds, health products, cosmetics, medicines, traditional Chinese herbs, pesticides, veterinary drugs and biomedical products. The lab has more advanced technical support in nutrition structure analysis and microbiology test of foods and drinks, pesticide and veterinary drug residues test, food additive and harmful substances test. The lab can also analyze medical cannabinoid.

Harrens Lab Inc. also provides testing service of import-export food of China and US and protein biomedicine CRO. The lab offers our customers complete solutions through consulting, training, testing and analysis. Harrens Lab builds an industry service chain based on protein biological products, and performs pre-clinical and clinical bioanalysis of Sino-US biomedical industry through integration of international technology resources.


5、Qingdao Harrens Biomedicine Technology Co., Ltd

Qingdao Harrens Biomedicine Technology Co., Ltd is a bioequivalence laboratory providing assessment and development of veterinary drug, veterinary diagnosis reagent, fead, additive, medicine, medical equipment, health products, and pestcide to clients.

Our standard laboratory animal house and biosafety laboratory run according to GLP and CNAS-CL05:2009 to keep the environment and facility of laboratory animal meet national standard. The test capability of our biosafety laboratory also meet international standard.

 We provide medicine assessment (bioproduct, IVD reagents, Chinese herbs, chemical drug, pesticide, health products, cosmetics), animal epidemic and disease testing, and technology development, transformation, international transaction for biotechnology. We also provide systemic approach to, pharmaceutical corporations, bioproduct corporations and medical devices company. 


Harrens has been improving steadily in the last years. We have built a brand with strong research power, high-end equipment and reliable team. Adhering to our quality policy “Fair Testing, Rigorous Process, Accurate Results, Excellent Achievement”, we are a trusted quality assurance provider for our clients.

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