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Physical & Chemical Test

We offer you a technical index of physical and chemical ingredients tests, as well as the functions of food nutrients and agricultural products.

Common Items: Ash, Water, Salt Content, PH, Soluble Solid, Sulfur Dioxide, Peroxide Value, Carbonyl Group Value, Hydrogen Peroxide, Viscosity, etc.

Oil-Chemistry: Qualitative Test of Oils, Moisture and Volatile Matter, Unsaponifiable Matter, Iodine Value, etc.

Physical & Chemical Tests of Tableware: Alkyl Benzene Sulfonic Acid Sodium, Free Residual Chlorine, etc.

Negative Ion Test: Sulfate Ion, Fluoride, Nitrate Ion, Nitrite Ion, Phosphate Ion, Etc.

Others: Total Sugar, Reducing Sugar, Amino Nitrogen, Crude Fat, Cholesterol, Total Phosphorus, Total Acid, Histamine, etc.



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