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Microbiology Test


To ensure a good laboratory environment, each of our microbiological laboratories is controlled by an air purifying tank which keeps the lab at a specific temperature and pressure. Under a scientific and rigorous testing process, the automatic biochemical identification instrument inspects accurately and quickly to ensure our data is reliable.


Microbiology Test Items

Common Items: Total plate count, Coliforms, Mold, Fecal Coliform, Commercial Sterilization, Enterobacteriaceae, etc.

Pathogenic Bacterium:Salmonella, Shigella ,Staphylococcus Aureus, Vibrio Parahaemolyticus, Diarrheogenic Escherichia Coli, E. Coli Bacterium 0:157, Listeria Monocytogenes, Pseudomorms Aeruginosa, Enterobacter Sakazakii, Haemolytic Streptococcus, Clostridium Perfringens, Bacillus Cereus, etc.

Parasite: Parasite in food, etc. 



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