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Transgene Test

Currently, with the rapid development and the use of genetically modified products, their varieties and production have multiplied. As a new biotechnology means, the safety of genetically modified food is still controversial. The public is paying more and more concerns to genetically modified food.

Harrens is one of the first institutions that obtains a qualification certificate to perform transgene identification. With the most advanced international technology, we provide you transgene and animal source identification services.



Corn (CaMV 35S, NOS, Bar or NPTII or PAT )
Soybean (CaMV 35S, NOS, Cp4-EPSPS )
Potato (CaMV 35S, NOS, FMV35S or NPTII )
Rice and its products (CaMV 35S, NOS, Bt )
Edible fungi (NOS, Bar, NPTII )
Wheat (NOS,  Bar )



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